Argentine folk dance fever


We are in love with Argentine folk dances! I have seen chacarera and zamba first time already 15 years ago, and immediately fell in love with these fun and romantic dances. Chacarera is often danced in milongas in Buenos Aires and Europe, and it creates a lovely happy energy in a tango evening. It has been my dream to learn zamba, and finally three years ago my dream came true. Now we are very happy to welcome the best  Argentine teachers to Tampere! The Tampere Folklore Weekend will take place 18.-21.5.. Ramon Salina and Julieta Brenna will teach chacarera, gato, escondido, firmeza and zamba, and they will perform to us on Saturday 20th in the Milonga Telakka. Check the program and register to the classes!

And don’t forget the weekend before: the legendary Omar Ocampo will teach folk dances with Monica Romero in Helsinki 12.-14.5.2017! More info here!