Close Embrace Tango Seminario

Yes, it is already a classic! For the 6th, 7th or 8th time, who can tell, we have already lost count – we are having the traditional close embrace tango seminar in Berlin with our friends Daniela y Raimund! The timing is quite perfect, the days between Christmas and the new year. That is the moment, when a lot of tangueros come to Berlin, to enjoy the lovely milongas and the busy Berlin tango life!

The seminar is four days long, 27.-30.12.2018. It has 12 hours of teaching; 2-4 hours each day, with a nice lunch break between the classes. One day, we go out to have lunch together, and other day we have lunch at the studio. There is coffee and cookies at the studio during the classes.

The topics of the seminar include dancing in close embrace, nice turns and other movements in small space, musicality, navigation, posture, communication and connection – all the ingredients you need to dance comfortably and enjoy the milongas at night!  Most classes are given in two groups; the groups are formed on the experience of the dancers (basic-intermediate and intermediate-advanced). You can also take private classes with the teachers in addition to the group classes.

In the evening we will enjoy the Berlin milongas! There are a lot of options, from the classical traditional milongas to the nuevo and alternative music ones! We will give recommendations on where to go, but everybody can go where they want! Gather a group of friends and go explore!

The schedule, the prices and the info about registering can be found here! Early-bird price valid until 15th of November. Come and join us for the days “between the years”, as they say in Germany! And why not stay for the new year’s celebrations too! Berlin has a lot to offer!

Mi Buenos Aires querido

We have the pleasure to spend November in the warm, sunny, rainy, noisy, inspiring, cozy, overwhelming, impossible and lovely capital of tango, Buenos Aires. The plan is to dance tango and folklore, go to milongas, take classes, meet friends, eat medialunas and flan, learn new things and refresh old ideas. Happy to be back in BA, see you on the dance floor!!!

Autumn at La Fábrica


The Autumn season has happily started at La Fábrica del Tango! The tango classes are running and the groups are full of enthusiastic students and dancers – and teachers! We continue with the same group and level descriptions as before, and we keep on refining the program and the content of the classes. La Fábrica del Tango continues to work together with Tango aMoroso to have a wonderful program of Argentine tango events in Tampere! Join the classes and milongas!

TanssiVieköön! 2018


Meillä on jälleen ilo osallistua TanssiVieköön! -festivaaliin Helsingin Messukeskuksessa 24.-25.8.2018! Esiinnymme perjantaina Suomen suurimmalla tanssilattialla ja lauantaina opetamme. Perjantain esitys on klo 21.45 ja sitä ennen tanssimme myös Kyösti Mäkimattilan tahtiin yhden tangon! Lauantain kolmetuntinen Master Class -tangokurssi on tarkoitettu edistyneille tanssijoille ja aiheena on herkullinen “Turns around follower’s axis with enrosques and colgadas”!

Festareilla mukana on myös tanssiryhmämme Compania Tango aMoroso ja Los Manseros del Norte. Compania Tango aMoroso esiintyy pe klo 20.00 ja la klo 19.30 Open Stagella ja osallistuu molempina päivinä myös karnevaalikadun tansseihin. Ohjelmistossa on klassista showtangoa ja myös improvisoituja kappaleita. Los Manseros del Norte esiintyy Open Stagella lauantaina klo 20.30 ja esittää laajan valikoiman argentiinalaisia kansantansseja.

Messuosastolla on meidän lisäksemme mukana tanssikoulumme La Fábrica del Tango ja kollegamme Carina Quiroga y Arttu Artkoski. Osastollamme voit tutustua toimintaamme (argentiinalaisen tangon ja kansantanssin esitys ja opetus) sekä tangokenkävalikoimaamme (DNI, Madame Pivot, Tangolera). Tervetuloa, bienvenidos!

La Fábrica del Tango


We are very happy to tell you about our new tango studio! Last Autumn we made a big decision with our colleagues Carina Quiroga and Arttu Artkoski to open a dance studio together! We found just the perfect place in the historical industrial Klingendahl area, and with the support of Tango aMoroso and many friends and students we had the grand official opening in December 2017. Now in January the Tango aMoroso classes have already started at La Fábrica, and also some new classes have been added to the program. So check out both websites for fun classes, Tango aMoroso and La Fábrica del Tango!

The artist behind those fabulous tango musician portraits is Kaisa-Tuulia Tuomi.

TodoTangoSeminar Vol.1

Syyskuun alkupäivinä meillä oli suuri ilo pitää ensimmäinen virallinen seminaarimme Tampereella! Kiinnostus oli suurta ja viikonloppu myytiin loppuun nopeasti. 12 tunnin aikana tutustuimme tangon rakenteeseen, harjoittelimme oppimista, kävimme läpi tärkeimpiä tangon elementtejä ja sovelsimme käytäntöön erilaisia periaatteita. Opettaminen oli erityisen hauskaa, sillä asia kiinnosti niin paljon että keskustelua, kysymyksiä ja oivalluksia tuli niin paljon että välillä meinasi osa asioista jäädä ajan puutteen vuoksi käsittelemättä. Kokemuksesta rohkaistuneina, olemme suunnitelleet jo Vol. 2:n (joka on lokakuussa) sekä Vol. 0:n, jossa käydään tarkemmin läpi tangon aivan perusasioita uudesta näkökulmasta. Olkaahan kuulolla!

Tanssi Vieköön!


Dance takes us to Helsinki this weekend. We are happy to be part of a new festival Tanssi Vieköön! More than 60 different dance styles  and thousands of dancers and dance enthusiasts meet under one roof at Messukeskus. And of course there will be Argentine tango! We are giving a Master Class, a 3hour workshop of advanced level. The workshop is already fully booked, but you can come to watch the classes in a real master class way! The classes are Friday 19h-20h30 and Saturday 16h-17h30. Welcome!

And we also have the pleasure to give a little performance on Saturday at 23h.

Check out the whole program on the website; there is also an app for the mobile phone where you can see the program and mark your favorites. Come and dance and enjoy with us!!!