Tanssi Vieköön!


Dance takes us to Helsinki this weekend. We are happy to be part of a new festival Tanssi Vieköön! More than 60 different dance styles  and thousands of dancers and dance enthusiasts meet under one roof at Messukeskus. And of course there will be Argentine tango! We are giving a Master Class, a 3hour workshop of advanced level. The workshop is already fully booked, but you can come to watch the classes in a real master class way! The classes are Friday 19h-20h30 and Saturday 16h-17h30. Welcome!

And we also have the pleasure to give a little performance on Saturday at 23h.

Check out the whole program on the website; there is also an app for the mobile phone where you can see the program and mark your favorites. Come and dance and enjoy with us!!!


Summer is here!!!

It looks like the Summer is finally here!!! We had a lovely Spring season in Tampere with Tango aMoroso, dancing Argentine tango and Argentine folklore! We had the pleasure to visit other cities and countries as well, meeting old and new friends.

Now is the time to enjoy the Summer activities! We will be teaching in several festivals, where you can learn Argentine tango with us, AND also take classes in Finnish social dancing, “lavatanssi”. This year we also have the honor to teach at the Summer Camp of Amigos del Tango the 10th time! So check the events of The Tour 2017 and join the fun! Registration is open for most of the events. Please ask for more info via e-mail! Hope to see you soon!

Kesäaikataulu on julkaistu, liity seuraan! Kysyttävää? Annamme mielellämme lisätietoja myös tapahtumista ulkomailla. Ota yhteyttä sähköpostitse tai puhelimitse! Nähdään tapahtumissa ja milongoissa!

Argentine folk dance fever


We are in love with Argentine folk dances! I have seen chacarera and zamba first time already 15 years ago, and immediately fell in love with these fun and romantic dances. Chacarera is often danced in milongas in Buenos Aires and Europe, and it creates a lovely happy energy in a tango evening. It has been my dream to learn zamba, and finally three years ago my dream came true. Now we are very happy to welcome the best  Argentine teachers to Tampere! The Tampere Folklore Weekend will take place 18.-21.5.. Ramon Salina and Julieta Brenna will teach chacarera, gato, escondido, firmeza and zamba, and they will perform to us on Saturday 20th in the Milonga Telakka. Check the program and register to the classes!

And don’t forget the weekend before: the legendary Omar Ocampo will teach folk dances with Monica Romero in Helsinki 12.-14.5.2017! More info here!

Sea, tango and sun!!!!!

Our next destination is a classic – the beautiful city of Las Palmas on Gran Canaria!!! Since the 1970s Finnish people have been going there to enjoy the sea and the sun. We keep up the tradition with our tango students! We are looking forward to the yearly tango seminar with a small group of experienced students, and the warm and friendly atmosphere of the tango dancers in Las Palmas! We are also joining again the beautiful Canary Islands Tango Festival 6.-12.3.2017! There are milongas from Monday to Sunday, excursions of the island, and of course amazing teachers, dancers, performances and workshops!!!! The Wednesday milonga is traditionally a masquerade, with a Finnish touch… Our own TDJ Jaana Hänninen will play music on Wednesday, and Pasi y Maria have the pleasure to perform. In our performance we will combine some Finnish tango with the Argentine, as always! Looking forward to see dancers from all over the world!!!

Intensive course!!!

Syyskausi lähestyy, ja syksyn mukana myös Maailmantango-festivaali! Festivaalin osana järjestämme tuttuun tapaan argentiinalaisen tangon intensiivisen alkeiskurssin! Alla tiedot suomeksi ja englanniksi! Tervetuloa aloittamaan syksy kanssamme!

Buenos Aires 2015 (photo Werner Fauland)

Tervetuloa argentiinalaisen tangon intensiivikursille! Maailmantango-festivaalin yhteydessä järjestetään tuttuun tapaan peruskurssi, jossa opettajina on Maria Elisabet ja Pasi Laurén. Heillä on yli kymmenen vuoden kokemus argentiinalaisesta tangosta, ja he ovat kansainvälisesti tunnettuja opettajia ja esiintyjiä. Yhdessä he ovat opettaneet vuodesta 2005 alkaen.


Peruskurssi pidetään Telakan 2. kerroksessa la 17.9. klo 11-14 ja su 18.9. klo 12-14. Yhteensä 5 tuntia opetusta, jonka aikana tutustutaan argentiinalaisen tangon perusaskeleisiin ja musiikkiin. Aikaisempaa tanssikokemusta ei tarvita, kurssilla lähdetään liikkeelle perusteista.
Voit myös tulla kertaamaan argentiinalaisen tangon perusteita, tai harjoittelemaan uutta roolia viejänä tai seuraanaja. Kurssi sopii erittäin hyvin myös tanssijoille joilla on kokemusta muista paritansseista.

Ilmoittautuminen pareittain 11.9. mennessä sähköpostitse osoitteeseen info@pasiymaria.net. Kurssin hinta 50e/henkilö, ja opiskelijat 40e/henkilö. Mukavat vaatteet ja sopivan liukkaat kengät. Lisätiedot sähköpostitse.

Welcome to the beginners course of Tango Argentino! Once again we organize an intensive weekend workshop of this lovely dance in co-operation with the World of Tango Festival. In two days we will cover the basics of Argentine tango, so that you can enjoy the festival concerts also by dancing! No previous experience in dancing is needed.
The course is also perfect for dancers who have experience in other couple dances, and why not for perfecting the basic steps.

5 hours of teaching in total: Saturday 17.9. at 11h-14h and Sunday 18.9. at 12h-14h. Price 50 euros per person, student price 40€ per person. Registration in couples before 11.9. by e-mail info@pasiymaria.net. Bring comfortable clothes and slippery shoes. The classes are at Telakka 2nd floor.