Close Embrace Tango Seminario

Yes, it is already a classic! For the 6th, 7th or 8th time, who can tell, we have already lost count – we are having the traditional close embrace tango seminar in Berlin with our friends Daniela y Raimund! The timing is quite perfect, the days between Christmas and the new year. That is the moment, when a lot of tangueros come to Berlin, to enjoy the lovely milongas and the busy Berlin tango life!

The seminar is four days long, 27.-30.12.2018. It has 12 hours of teaching; 2-4 hours each day, with a nice lunch break between the classes. One day, we go out to have lunch together, and other day we have lunch at the studio. There is coffee and cookies at the studio during the classes.

The topics of the seminar include dancing in close embrace, nice turns and other movements in small space, musicality, navigation, posture, communication and connection – all the ingredients you need to dance comfortably and enjoy the milongas at night!  Most classes are given in two groups; the groups are formed on the experience of the dancers (basic-intermediate and intermediate-advanced). You can also take private classes with the teachers in addition to the group classes.

In the evening we will enjoy the Berlin milongas! There are a lot of options, from the classical traditional milongas to the nuevo and alternative music ones! We will give recommendations on where to go, but everybody can go where they want! Gather a group of friends and go explore!

The schedule, the prices and the info about registering can be found here! Early-bird price valid until 15th of November. Come and join us for the days “between the years”, as they say in Germany! And why not stay for the new year’s celebrations too! Berlin has a lot to offer!